Thursday, March 4, 2010

XPedisi to Climb Gunung Berlumut

Expedition to Climb Gunung Berlumut @ Kahang, Kluang on 19-12-09

This is the secondary recreational forest in Kluang district and is located 30km from Kluang town. To get there, travel along Kluang-Jemaluang trunk road for 12 km then turn into a junction next to johor Lowland tea Plantation and then to the Felda Ulu Dengar Oil Palm plantation. The forest is pristine and its peak of 1,004 is a challenge to hikers. These park is ideal for picnicking, relaxation and group activities. Beside the park is a cool mountain stream that is a source of much fun and enjoyment. The forest is steep in folklore too, such as the sighting of Big Foot.
As we planned this 2nd climb in Kluang after the mixed results during the 1st climb, at Gunung Lambak also at Kluang. The response for this climb was over helming as more than 27 staff from JB and Kluang registered for the climb, some who wanted to climb could not do so because of work commitment.
Prior to the climb as part of my preparation went to the Gym to increase my stamina but only managed 2 days during the week, even though was insufficient but was able to loosen up the muscles to be able to withstand the climb. On the eve of the climb went to Tesco to purchase Football socks, but there was none, during the search saw mountain climbing shoes, where I decided to purchase.
The morning of the climb woke up at 5am was excited that another climb is to become a reality after the normal chores in every morning was at the Office at 6.15am as we were to leave by 6.30am to the mountain base. But as usual at about 6.45am still not all who were to climb the mountain was present. At 6.55am there were 16 staff and we decided to leave as it was getting late.
Reached the base of the mountain at about 8.20am where there was already the staff from Kluang who totaled to 9 of them and at about 9am we were doing the warm up and also baca Doa but the Ranger, The guide to take us up was not to be seen, all the excited staff were a bit agitated to wait, as the climb up was told will take a minimum of 4hours, some was already having their food while waiting some when to the Hanging Bridge at the foot of the Mountain. The guide finally reached at about 9.50am and we started the journey as the day seem cloudy, which was perfect for the climb. Only 19 of us was at the started the climb the rest actually came as a team spirit to support as they had medical reason that prevented them to join the rest of us.
The start of the climb was not that taxing as we strut along the pathway up, the entire troop was in high spirits, we reached our 1st stop at 1.5km at about 10.25am, the entire journey up is about 6km one way. We rested for a while took some snaps and then being our journey at this stop there was 1 participant dropped out and return back down. While walking upwards there were 3 of them were already struggling for breath, told them to take a step at a time and to take the hardship faced as a challenge and surely they could beat their physical limitations. We continued the climb, during these time it beign to drizzle we reached our next stop at 3km point at about 11.30am. Was at the point for about 20 minutes while waiting for the rest of the team to arrive there. The place is called Batu Bergigi as the rocks looks like a human teeth and according to the guide the stone is growing in time. The Guide at the time discouraged us to go to the summit giving us reason its raining and the path up will be slippery. Asked all present they wanted to continue with the journey. For me the condition surrounding was not an issue and the battle was with me and me only as it was already energy sapping, but I know I could take the journey.
The drizzle did not seem to stop but all of us was geared to proceed as our aim was one to reach the summit, during this time the 3 guys who had trouble with the climb as been reduced to 2 and there was no sight of them as the other guy have managed to join the main group. At about 12.30pm we reached our final stop before we begin our final push to the summit, the climb was steep but as we are all focused to reach the top these physical obstacles was not a hinderance.
I reached the summit at about 1.30pm, the 1st group reached the summit about 15minutes earlier. The atmosphere there at the summit was breeze and with the drizzle with was really chill, like was in Genting. At about 2.10pm a group of staff begin their decent while we waited for another 2 staff who was still climbing up to the summit. Both of them reached to the summit at 2.25pm were greeted with applause. Told all present this is the spirit we need to be successful, never give up, and never doubt your own ability. Once a person is determined to reach his goal no distraction will come to his mind.
We began our decent at about 2.30pm, after about 40minutes of I felt sharp pain on my heels, as I continue to walk the pain became unbearable, the pain was also on both my toes, during this time the decent was a terrible experience, as I was only taking 1 small step at a time, there was no sight of anyone in front of me and the group at back was I think much back, so I continued to walk. As it was still drizzling, the down ward path was slippery every step has to be careful the pain was still a bother. Do I have a choice?, there is no two ways at this point to forget the pain and continue to walk, the time was tickling away, it was already 4.30pm the surrounding has began to darken. The guide during our accent said at times the surrounding will become dark, when the mist gets thicker. Here I was all alone, fear began to creep in, as I was chanting I continue to walk, walk and walk. All along the trail there was these wild boars footprints, the fear of them appearing was there. During this time I heard a loud thump of something dropping at the back of me was it monkeys or was it wild boars, I continued my walk. As I turned back there was sight of no one, and moments later I heard a noise….or is it music……Then all of a sudden I saw 3 lovely Hornbills, they were playing at the Branches above, as I reached out for the camera they flew off. I felt so nice after this even it was like Swami was there giving assurance that all will be right. I was happy since after so many jungle trips in Sarawak, the Land of Hornbills, I never did saw one in the wild and here all of a sudden I saw 3. After this event my energy was renewed, the fear has left me as I continue walking. But with every step forward the pain in both my feet was getting worse.
As I kept walking I know it should less then 1.5km down but I did not see the spot we rested on the way up but I could see the water pipe which means my destination is near. Walking… was crawling my way down…..and then I could hear noise of children playing which means I have reached the destination. At about 5.20pm I reached the hanging bridge and then to change. There was no sign of the other group of 7 more people, then at about 6pm 2 reached to the base which left another 5, the guide has left the weather was getting dark. I called them they said they are very near the base and will be reaching down soon. When they said that I felt comfortable, and took leave and left for KL as I approached Kluang the group called that they have reached the base, which was at about 6.30pm. They said during their way down they saw a herd of Wild Boar running in front of them, but did not harm them. That was just how lucky we all were.
This was a successful climb since the number of people who completed the full course was 18 out of 19 started. This shows with proper motivation and will power we can overcome all obstacles to achieve our aim in Life. We all are looking forward to the next climb which is in January 2010 at Gunung Lambak also in Kluang before the next big summit in the South which is Gunung Ledang this climb will be a company event where the climbers will be from various departments in HQ and Branches around Johor

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Climb to Gunung Lambak, Kluang

During my trip to Kluang to visit my Branch about a month ago, there along the way I saw the road sinage showing there was two mountains, Gunung Lambak and Gunung Lumut. During the meeting with my staff told them my interest on mountain climbing and they said they are alos into mountain climbing and every month they climb.

Every week due to busy schedule the climb was postponed till on the 8th August 2009, was it planned or fated 8/8. To get my stamina up was very deligently going to the gym where I was working myself for about an hour a day far the past 3 weeks. On on the 7 th Friday after the regular workout I felt a sharp pain on my right knee, but did not want to give any importance to the pain as I was excited to climb the mountain, it has been more than 5 months since my last climb which was to Bukit Tabur at Taman Melawati.

Woke up at 5.30am at about 6.45 left JB with high energy during the journey as usuak was chanting Gayathri mantra for guidance and protection. Reached Kluang at about 8am and had a short briefing to all the staff and we left for the climb....we did our warm-up which was conducted by the Branch Manager and started the climb at 8.50am. 15 of us started the climb, the beigning of the climb was quite easy where the trail was good, then started the actual climb where we need to climb steep trail and at the 3 rd stop when I enquired there was only 7 of still climbing 2 was ahead of me and 4 was at the this point it make me wonder why did they give up, what went wrong, when I further probed them why??? they said all this while during the clim they only go till the half way mark not till the peak.

During this period I was questioning my leadership qualities, should I have lead from the back where I could motivated them to get to the peak and experience on achieving the limitation of the body. But this was a bit of setback but was happy that there is still 7 of us still climbing the toughest part of the mountain at this point not many climbers could be seen. I didnt want any more drop outs so I told them to take rest should they need, but a step at a time would take them to the peak.

After about 1hr and 20 minutes I reached the peak 2 other climbers have reached it way before me and after another 15minutes the other 4 also reached. We could view part of Kluang town from the point after about 15 minutes we started our decent. It took us about an hour before we reached to the car park. At the car park we did the warm down and then assembeled at the office again. I told the staff whom gave up the climb to not take such a easy way out when faced with a issue or problems, we should challenge ourself our limitations, break barriers within us if we were to achieve excelence. Told them that we need to scale another mountain Gunung Lumut within the next few months maybe after Raya. Left Kluang towards KL with a feelin of joy and sadness, joy because I reached the peak together with 6 of us who for the 1st time reached the peak like me and saddness cause 8 did not attempt to concquer the limitation among themselves.

In this journey of life where its full of challenges and obstacles, we need to have a resolute like that in the story of Jonathan Livingstone Seagull, where the seagull did want to be like any ordinary seagull, it wanted to know what he can do so it learned high attitude flying, we all need to be like this seagull break the bariers in us in search of excellence.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Journey within to be with my Beloved Lord Sai

Shanthi has always been asking to take to her to Prashanti, the Abode of Peace for such a long time, have been postponing the trip with all reasons. When I was in Kuching in July ’08 there the devotees were all so actively carrying out swami’s work in a way I have never seen before. That was when the interest to go to India formed, tried booking ticket via Tiger Airways during Christmas ‘08 and CNY ’09 but did not materialize since the ticket price was beyond my budget. Then after swami’s Birthday I said we should go and around that time AirAsia started their flight to India, Tirichy.

I booked the ticket for just the both of us leaving out the boys, which were a painful decision has we both together have not left the boys alone for such a long period. We planned the trip to coincide with the 1st term school holidays, one we need not worry about the boys school arrangements and also during the month of March there will not be much activity at Prashanthi, thus we can have a quiet stay and have great Darshan.

To my utter surprise when checked with the calendar for the school holidays, it starts on 14th March till 22nd March. Month of March we have many activities at home, Shanthi’s Birthday, Wedding Anniversary, Nishaanth’s Birthday, Gayathri’s Birthday, Gayathri’s Passing. Since we are flying to Tirichy I decided we leave on the 13th (Friday) with the fat hopes that we can be at Swami’s feet on the 14th (Gayathri’s 10th Birthday) what are coincidence as we believe it was Swami who gave us the wonderful girl and also took it away to be with him. It must surely be his call to be with HIM on this very day. So the ticket for the trip was booked via AirAsia from 13th March till 22nd March’08.

After booking a thought came to me did I did the right thing flying into Trichy, as we began talking with some tour operators in Chennai, the charges were beyond our means to travel from Trichy to Puttarparthy via road. As now we are in the age of the internet thus I tried searching for airlines flying from Tirichy to Banglore, found a few airlines but the charges were also were beyond our budget. Then I turned to railways were I found the train from Tirichy to Banglore and vice versa. The charges were minimal, and the train was during the night hours, so I decided to book the train tickets. With this the journey from KL to Banglore has been settled. Thus the final missing link from Banglore to Puttarparthy, there was this Kishore who transports Malaysian, but during the course while browsing the web pages of Swami I came across this taxi driver, Noor Khan, which was listed in the site was said to be reliable. Thus I communicated with him and he agreed to accommodate us.

Thus we have made nearly all the land arrangements but there was still some missing link, the ground arrangement at Tirichy, as we would land in Tirichy in the morning and the Train is only at 8pm and on the way back we will reach Tirichy early Saturday morning and the flight is on Sunday. Thus I was asking the Chennai Tour operators on the contacts at Tirichy, then found this contact in the net even though the charges was a bit steep, Rs 6400 for all ground travels and 2 days hotel stay I accepted it when there was not much time left. Thus the entire travel itinerary is now taken care of, thus leaving the mind to be in peace for the journey which has taken me 13 years to materialize since my last trip.

After 13 long years the call has come to have the Darshan from our beloved Swamy, the feeling was mixed, Happy, Excited, Anxious, Worried, Frighten also was there not sure what to expect. So has the days become closer, restarted chanting Gayathri Mantra, 1008 times daily. Self cleansing, the Thursday fasting was still on and also the Friday morning abishegam, other than the Bhajans and temple visit was the activities undertaken, most of this are been carried out regularly.

As the days drew closer, had high Blood Pressure, 150/90, but the following day the pressure reduced, there was chest phlegm which was a bother. But took everything in its stride and continued with life. Last minute shopping was done on the items to bring. These are all material preparation which is not the most important of preparations, what swami looks for is for the pure heart.

On the eve, 12th slept early as need to wake-up at 4am as the taxi will be at 5am to pick us to the airport. Woke up in time and got ready, then woke up the boys told them farewell, they were both sad but they know it was a short separation. Reached the LCCT at about 5.50am went straight to check-in counter, met Lali from KP she was going to Cambodia and also a group from KP who were going for Tamil Nadu tour. The check-in was smooth and went into the waiting counter, met wit Ravi who was also going to Prasanthi like us. The flight took off after a 10 minutes delay the JOURNEY starts, just can’t believe we are actually on the way to meet Swami.

Landed at Tirichy Airport at about 8.50am local time, there we are here now in the land of GOD, checked out of the Immigration, the taxi to fetch us was not to be seen and a group of taxi drivers and money changers cornered us, after making few calls the taxi driver was actually waiting for us but he did not know the flight details. Changed RM 300 x Rs 13, and the taxi driver drove us to our Hotel for check-in, as we drove past Tirichy town which was dirty, and as usually the blaring of horns, autos and bullock carts were the kings of the road. After checking into the Hotel the room was non A/C, went for breakfast and the driver took us to our 1st stop of the tour.

The place was Rock Fort Temple (Uchi Pilayar Koil), the temple is about 3,800 years old, the structure could be seen from far, such a grand temple, it’s built on top of a huge rock. This temple is the landmark of Tirichy town, can be viewed from many location in Tirichy. The driver took us to the mid point where we to begin our climb upwards 400+ steps, after few steps I was really panting, with the phlegm it was a task to climb the steps, but nevertheless took small steps up slowly and finally reached the peak, from the peak we could see, Sri Rangam Temple, the Cauvery river which is beyond recognition as its dried up and the city of Tirichy the 3rd biggest city in Tamil Nadu. The Majestic Ganesha was seated and the priest was decorating the deity. The lord of Removal of Obstacles, was majestic, prayed that our Journey to meet the Lord of the Universe will go on without much of obstacles. Did pooja and walk down the stairs, the stairs was chipped out of the rock as such the steps were not even, steps need to be careful to avoid fall. Mid way through there was a Sivan temple, paid homage as we continued our walk down. The pillars of the temple can be seen it was really old all crafted from the rock. What a unique architecture done in time BC, this goes to show that that the Hindus were well civilized and have got good craftsmanship. At the foothill of the temple there was an Elephant to ensure cash is milked from the devotees, it blesses devotees for Rs 10, also join the masses and got the blessing from the Elephant.

Then went to Saradah’s shopping center, they claim to be the biggest sari center in the whole of India, Shanthi did some of her shopping there, I also bought 3 piece of cloth to stitch jeepa. The tailor came to the shop to take measurement and upon completion of shopping went for lunch. Shanthi sent her saris to be stitched together with her blouse. Reached back to Hotel for a nap at about 3pm. Woke up at 5pm took shower and got ready for the train trip to Banglore. Went for dinner at 6.30pm and waited for the taxi driver to fetch us at 7pm, he took us to Feminna Shopping where Shanti bought 2 saris.

Reached the Railway station Tirichupalli Junction (TPJ) at about 8.15pm, got to the platform and waited for the train, the train Mysore Express was on time took some time to check which coach we belong to, and got into the coach. As the train started moving we got adjusted to our seats / sleeper. At about 9.30pm when up to my deck and slept, woke up at about 4am and waited for the train to reach Banglore Cantoment Station. The train reached the station at about 5.20am about 15 minutes delay. There once we alighted from the train, Noor Khan our taxi driver was waiting for us with a place card and our final segment of the journey to reach Swami started at about 5.30am.

Since it was early in the morning the traffic at Banglore was not much we could easily get out of the city centre without much hassle. The driver was careful and was also a law abiding citizen, as he stopped at a traffic light, it was Red light, all the vehicle was zooming past with no disregard to the traffic rules. After about 1 hour of drive the driver stopped us for breakfast at the usual restaurant where all Sai devotes stop for their break. Ate Iddli and milk since the fruit juice counter was closed. And the journey continues, the grape farm and mountains of rocks were decorated at both sides of road. Scene of school going children walking kilometers bare foot to school was a sad sight to see. Thought what a service swami is doing, by providing state of art education for the students, not only that the students get divine guidance and to top it all bountiful of Darshan.

As we drove pass, saw a beautiful Jain Temple been built on top of the rock and then passed, the Sai University Campus which is currently been built at Modenapalli, Swami did the ground breaking on 14th February and assured all that the campus will be opened by 14th February 2010. The divine never fails in his task. The national highway which is currently been built will be equivalent to the NSH in Malaysia, India is really developing in such a fast pace. Mobile phone advertisement was all over the place along the highway and even villages. The competition among the network players seems great. After about 3 hours of drive we came into Andrha border, swami’s place is getting nearer. All the people along the way are of simple lifestyle, going about doing their daily chores. Some with their tools were on the way to their farms; the sight is like what is seen in the movies, barefooted and in group to start their days, to earn their livelihood.

With less than one hour to arrival there were big billboards along the road with Swami’s quotation, nice feeling as we drive pass these billboards, towards the Prashanti, Then came the hospital, Airport, University, Hill View Stadium, Chatinya Jyothi, Sai Geetha Memorial and finally we pass the Vidyagiri Arch the final welcome into Prashanthi, we pass the Ganesha Gate and went to the canteen gate where we need to go through security checks before we were allowed to enter. Bhajans were been sung as we entered, was darshan going on??? Don’t know, as we need to register before we could do anything. The driver drove us straight to the foreign devotees’ registration, the seva dhalls were friendly and we were registered with much hassle. We were provided accommodation at N4 C20. Arathi was sung which means we will miss the morning session of darshan. As we checked into the room it was nice and pleasant place. Swami thank you to bring us all the way to be with you in your divine presence with no hassle at all could not have happen without you being with us through out the journey.

Once settled in the room, took Shanthi to a walking tour of Prashanthi for me most of the things were new after 13 long years was a bit confused as there were too many developments all round the arsham. Went for lunch at the western canteen, met with one Italian, Mousimo who was Sicilily, he was telling about his adventure in India, where he traveled many temples. Did not enjoy the lunch as I did not have the appetite, but still struggled and finished it. Returned to the room and rested took a short nap and got ready for the moment, Darshan, we left the room about 2.00pm, found we were early and not much people were in line. Thus just relaxed and was enjoying the moment before going into the line. Today been Sai Gayathri’s 10th birthday, Swami should have a reason to bring us to him. As the queue number was called to my utter surprise we got No. 1.

As we were entering the Sai Kulwat Hall, the emotions were high; the feelings were so great, in anticipation to have the divine darshan after 13 years break. Sat at row to on my right was Swami’s residence where the view was clear would be able to see the divine form from the moment he steps out of his residence. In front was the stage where could have great Drashan. The stage was set to me the Divine in person, was chanting Sai Gayathri and Gayathri mantra has the hall is been filled all the devotees wants to be seated where they could have a clear view of Swami, some with letters, some meditating all in anticipation to meet the Divine. At about 4pm the students start taking their place, the VVIP were also seen talking their place at the verandah and at the stage. Was latter told that Issac Trigget and also Stalin, the son of Tamil Nadu Chief Minister, Karunanidhi was there for the darshan. Heartbeat was beating faster as the time was slowly approaching 5pm, the hall now at the front has almost filled to the brim and the devotees at three quarter of the Sai Kulwant hall has been filled. From the decoration and back stage it seems that there will be a play staged. But could not see and performers but has all eyes were glancing towards the swami’s residence mine too, in anticipation of the arrival of the Lord.

The 1st Darshan, 14th March 2009, Saturday,( Evening)
Sai Gayathri’s 10th Birthday, 19 years ago at about this time she was born and she lived for 12 days before she merged with Swami. Swami at 5pm comes out of his residence, the crown, the robe was visible, and goose pimples on my body as all heads turn as graciously swami moves into the hall, moving slowly through the ladies. Was just thanking Swami for granting this Drashan again to this ordinary mortal, where the Rishi and sages meditate for years to get Darshan of the Lord, here Swami walking among man in flesh and blood, how lucky are we all to have the Lord of the Universe moving among us being like us, but don’t get the Maya delude us as he is the Lord playing his lelas with us, he is among us so that it will be easier for us to understand his divine mission and message he has brought to the entire mankind. Sathya, Dharma, Shanthi, Prema and Ahimsa. He should be the role model for us all in any capacity we are in he play his part in such a perfect manifestation. The role he often portrays is that of a mother, father, teacher, leader, friend and many more.

Swami was moving closer and closer, the heartbeat was beating faster and faster, the wait has finally came to an end, such is the merciful Lord, who answers every call. He moves closer to the students, collects their letters some of them does pada namaskar, he passes the student and moves right in front of us not stopping at that time a small European boy called out ‘Swamy’ he turned and look towards where I was seated as he moves along, what a look, what a eyes, just got tears rolling from me. As Swamy always says, If I will answer to your call, I am just a call away. Swamy thank you my Lord for this darshan. The eyes are like the ‘Kodi Suraya’. His face look so radiant with full of energy, it looks so much more radiant than the previous darshan 13 years ago. Was so graceful, his lips so sweet. Could see him so close, he was balding, his was holding some letters, his fingers was so nice to look at, must be soft and tender. His toes and legs were so cute to look at, like that of a young child. He continued his darshan along the devotees and VIP and turn right up to the stage. The Bhajans were continued to be sung while the Darshan was going on.

He than takes the ‘Throne’ was so majestic sitting at the center of the stage was enjoying the Bhajans, what a beautiful darshan, Thank you lord. He then move towards the verandah and think into the interview room he came out about 20 minutes latter and took the center stage. The bhajans were continuously sung and Swamy was enjoying the bhajans. During this time two devotees approached Swamy and after few moments there was an indication to the cast below to start the performance. The performance was by the Bala Vikas and Youths from Bihar. The show was interesting was about the life of youths today and the temptation of worldly life compared to spiritual life. But for me it was Swamy I was looking on how he kept waving his hand and closing his eyes wile enjoying the show. During that time he also coughed, like a baby he was, and then using the handkerchief to wipe his mouth. Every sight of him was very unique. Was latter told in the talk given by Mr. Venkataraman, that Swamy did materialize a chain for Stalin (State Minister from Tamil Nadu), and told him to give it to his father. He is son of the Tamil Nadu’s Chief Minister Mr. Karunanidhi. He is said to be ill admitted to a Hospital in Chennai.

The show ended at about 6.30pm and Swamy went down the stage and gave the entire performers gift and took pictures with them. Once he came up the stage arathi was sung and he then proceeded to exit moving into his waiting car. As he left to his residence for his rest, He who never rest, always working for the welfare of his devotees and in for all living beings in these earth and in all universe.

After Swamy left, a good feeling, a deep gratitude was in me, for being able to witness the physical form of the Lord again and for such a long time within such a close proximity.

For dinner went to the Northern canteen and went to Gayathri temple for prayers before retiring for the day in our room. Till this day never heard of such temple in the Ashram before nor any where in the world a Gayathri Temple. What a coincidence that we were in a Gayathri temple on Gayathri’s Brithday. Paid homage to Gayathri Ma and headed for our room. It has been an eventful day with such a lovely darshan and being Sai Gayathri’s 10th Birthday makes it more special. Then comes the real world, in the room had some hala poison when had little misunderstanding with Shanthi as usuall she was mad with me and did not talk.

Extract from Prashanthi Bulletin.

Saturday,March14,2009 Last evening, the devotees from Bihar and Jharkhand were to leave, but they were informed that Bhagawan had consented to have their drama this evening, so their stay at Prasanthi Nilayam was extended by another day. Bhagawan came for darshan and went into the interview room after a brief visit onstage, speaking to some ministers from Tamil Nadu on the way. When Swami returned onstage, the programme commenced at 5.30 pm. In a 40 minute drama entitled "Chaitanyam", the balvikas children and youth brought out a message of love for Mother and Motherland through Educare. Bhagawan came down from the stage and had group photographs with the participants, and then gave them clothes seated amidst them. When He returned to the stage, the students began bhajans at 6.15 pm. A couple of Bhajans later, Swami accepted Arati and returned to His residence.
2nd Darshan, 15th March 2009, Sunday (Morning)
Today being our 11th wedding anniversary Shanthi was still mad with me, she left much earlier for the darshan, Left the room at 4.40am headed straight to the Ganesha Temple at the entrance, to pay homage to the lord of remover of obstacles. Sat in the darshan queue, got number 4, the last number. Maybe this is the punishment from Swami for that spat with Shanthi the previous night. Oh! No swamy does not punish anyone, he is the embodiment of love, it’s our own action that begets the result, as we sow we reap. As I walked into Sai Kulwant Hall, was having this nice feeling like entering into a different world of paradise. Over heard two locals talking while seated, that this place is much grander than Mysore Palace, it has to be with the decorations, the carvings, the lighting, and the flooring. Everything was in a sparkling form, the seva dhals was moping the floor at all times even when small dirt is noticed. Why it should not be, it was the place where the Lord of The Universe to be gracing, the Kings of all kings. Was seated directly opposite where Swamy sits at the stage during Darshan, also could see from the moment he leaves his residence right up to him taking stage. As usuall all devotes were jostling for places to have a good darshan.

Now days Swami doesn’t come out for darshan every morning, thus the crowd in the morning is not so big. Even though one don’t take the queue, still get can good position for the morning darshan. Thus any morning darshan is a bonus, I believe swamy is preparing devotees to not pay much attention to his form thus he takes himself away from the devotees, physically, but as for the spirit he is as close as it can be with the devotees. First when he started the wheel chair when he had a fall two years ago, was the 1st sign he his taking his physical form away. The Lord of the universe could easily cure himself, but he chooses not. Padanamaskar is now ever rare, even taking letters from the general devotees are rare more so is interviews. This are all signs Swami is training his devotees to prepare them the form is not important, what’s more important are the teachings, which he wants all to imbibe in their daily lives. As he said my Message should flow from me to you and through you to the world.

Swami was wheeled in at 9.00am the sight of him, the Darshan it self is electrifying, he slowly moved among the ladies towards the students and then towards the male devotees as takes the stage. Started with vedic chanting followed with bhajans it carried on till about 9.45am where arathi was taken on Swamy thus ending another darshan session.

3rd Darshan, 15th March 2009, Sunday (Evening)

Went for the queue at 2.45pm and got queue number 2, sat at my usual place which faces swami during the darshan. The bhajans started at sharp 5pm, When Swami was wheeled in vedic chanting was chanted. Here swami teaches us of punctuality when it comes to discipline there is no better teacher than Swami, no matter what the Bhajans should start on time both morning at 9am and evening at 5pm, even if Swami is not in for Darshan. Swami came in after few Bhajans been sung and took his position on the stage.

How lucky we were to be born in this age where we could hear, see and touch this Divine Guru of all Gurus, teaching patiently to all his devotees for the past 70years. How many of us could have this patient?

Gurur-Brahma Gurur-Vishnu Gurur Devo Maheswara; Guru Sakshat Param Brahma Thasmai Sri Gurave Namaha (Guru is Brahma, Guru is Vishnu, Guru is Maheswara. Guru is verily the supreme Brahman. So, salutations to the Guru).

Today the 3rd year Boys from Brindavan Campus was to put up a performance in gratitude to Swamy. The performance, their songs, speeches, their poems and above all the gesture of happiness, appreciating shown by Swamy was a sight to behold. Swami distributed prasad to all the students at the end of the performance. The students took the opportunity to take photos with Swamy. At the end all the students in unison called out to Swamy to come to Brindawan. Could read swamy’s lips, he said ‘I will come’. What a assurance from Swamy. The darshan ended at about 7pm. Another day has passed, swamy gave another great darshan, showed his loving nature on how he accommodated all the students who came up to him in threes to have special darshan and to show then the cards, the projects they have done to obtain swamy’s blessing.

Extract from Prashanthi Bulletin.

Sunday,March15,2009 The outgoing batch of students from the Brindavan campus of Sri Sathya Sai University presented their gratitude programme today. Bhagawan came for evening darshan in the chair, and after His darshan round, came to the Bhajan Hall where some of the students were in costumes. After a brief interaction with them, He moved to the interview room and later to the stage to begin their programme at 4.50 pm. Since Bhagawan had called their batch the "Vainateya"s, Vainateya being another name of Garuda, the characters in costumes Lord Narayana, Garuda and Narada gave a brief introduction to their programme of songs interspersed with short speeches in various languages. Bhagawan blessed them with group photographs after their programme and seemed to acquiesce when they pleaded with Him to come to Brindavan. After ten minutes of Bhajans by the students in which they again sang Bhajans like "Aao Aao Nandalala", Swami accepted Arati and returned to His residence at 6.30 pm.
Monday, 16th March 2009 (Morning)

Today is Shanthi’s Birthday, went late for darshan only at 6.30am, 1st stopped at Gayathri Temple and then joined the tail end of the Nagasankirtan. After paying homage to Ganesha went into the Sai Kulwant Hall. Set in line 3, Swamy did not come for darshan this morning, the Bhajan started at 9am sharp and completed at about 9.45am with arathi been sung.

Met with Shanthi at the room, she got a big Birthday surprise, where for the evening darshan both of us to get special sitting arrangement, so we went to the accommodation office to get the special pass.

4th Darshan, 16th March 2009 (Evening)

Since for today’s darshan have special sitting, so went in only at 3pm through the 1st gate, where the VIP’s and students comes in, the sevadal sits me at the 2nd row, the view in front was facing directly towards swamy’s residence so could see him coming out directly. But the view of the stage was far and could only see swamy side ways from where I was seated. There were movements of students bringing in music instruments, which mean there could be another performance today.

The Bhajans started at 5pm sharp, no signs of swamy, at about 5.20pm Swamy came in to the excitement of all devotees present. As usual he starts from the ladies, students and then the male devotes, all with anticipation and expectation that Swamy will answer their call, take their letters, give them padanamaskar. Swamy knows exactly when he will fulfill all the wishes. As he already granted the divine darshan for me that itself was a great blessing, being human our desires are never fulfilled.

Swamy was so near as he passes from where I was seated, about 6 ft away, could see his radiant face, his form, saw him holding vibuthi packets, as he pass by, actually it happens so fast since swamy does not stop we have to get the most during the moment he passes, less than 20seconds at the most, he moves all the way up to the stage. The students then went up to the stage to request permission from Swamy to being their performance.

The performance was staged by the Final Year Post Graduate Student of the Prashanthi University. Their performance includes mimicking, musical chair, bhajans, western music with complete set, drum, guitar, trumpet, saxophone and many more. There were few touching moments which even made swamy clap his hands and also smile. Then one of the students narrated his experience as a student in the University. When his family back home was facing some problems he wrote a lengthy letter to Swamy, the next day during darshan he handed over the letter but to his disappointment Swamy did not talk to him, this prompted him to write another lengthy letter. The next day when Swamy came when he handed out the letter, Swamy said the following ‘I spent such a long time yesterday to read your letter and now you are giving me another lengthy letter. He said once you have surrendered to Swamy, just leave it do not think over it, Swamy takes over, Swamy further told him that this Swamy does not need reminders. What a lesson to all of us, it is for us to surrender at his lotus feet and he takes it over what an assurance from the Lord himself.

Another act which caught my attention was during the musical chair one of the students was to sing the jingle Swamy wrote for a local trader to promote his product during Swamy’s school days. This boy could only remember one line of that jingle, then he decided to ask Swamy himself for the lyrics, Swamy been such a merciful Lord obliged the student and told him the lyrics, he tried to sing the song but he could ryme it according to the music. Here Swamy exhibits is love for his devotees if we approach him with our ignorance he will surely guide us.

Twameva Mathacha Pitha Twameva, Twameva Bandhuscha Sakha Twameva, Twameva Vidya Dravinam Twameva, Twameva Sarvam Mama Devadeva. (Oh Lord! You alone are my father and mother, friend and relation, wisdom and wealth. You are my everything).

The darshan completed at about 7pm, as he gets into his car back to his residence, I was contemplating the Love Swami has exhibits to both of us 3 continuous days where there were performance, 3 continuous days where had very good long darshan. These 3 days has been special to both of us and also the boys, Sai Gayathri’s 10th Birthday, our 11th Wedding Anniversary and Shanthi’s Birthday. He actually called us on this time and also been a perfect host ensuring even the minutest details has been taken of. We left Kuala Lumpur on the 13th and till now the 16th every need of us has been taken care of.
The Kali Yuga Avathar walking among man in flesh and blood, how lucky we could be to witness this manifestation………………THANK YOU SWAMY

Extract from Prashanthi Bulletin.

Monday,March16,2009 The graduating batch of post-graduate students from the Prasanthi Nilayam campus of the Sri Sathya Sai University presented their gratitude programme this evening. Bhagawan came for darshan in His chair and after a round of the hall and a brief visit to the Bhajan Hall, came onstage to begin the programme just after 5.30 pm. The students innovated with items like Dumb Charades on scenes of Swami's childhood, a mimicry session as part of 'passing the parcel' and so on, in addition to a musical tribute and short speeches in various languages. Bhagawan went into the interview room after 45 minutes had elapsed, and returned after five minutes for the programme to continue for twenty minutes more. As the students sang bhajans, they went up in small batches and had group photographs onstage. It was seven o'clock when Swami accepted Arati and returned toHisresidence.

Tuesday, 17th March 2009 (Morning)

Woke up at 5.30am and left for Darshan at 6.30am as usual before going to Sai Kulwant Hall, went to Gayathri Temple and also to the Ganesha temple. Since Swami will not be coming for the morning Darshan went into the mandir for Bhajans. Even though I have been into the mandir in my previous visits and also after the daily darshan during this visit. But seated in the mandir and was looking with aw the magnificent place, this could be. The marble statues, Shridi Baba, Ganesha, Hanuman, Krishna, old pictures of Baba, the Chair and the entire deco of the altar was a sight to behold. The felling was great but the sitting was cramped as such could not enjoy the atmosphere to the fullest. When can we be satisfied with the blessing we have…….

The Bhajans started at 9am and completed at 9.45am, even though the sitting arrangement was so tight because they wanted as many devotees to be inside the mandir for these experience felt a nice feeling of being in the room.

5th Darshan, Tuesday 17th March (Evening)

Left for darshan at 2.30pm, got queue 2, sat at row 3 at my usual place where could see swamy directly on stage and as from his residence. Bhajans started at 5pm sharp, Swamy made the entrance at about 5.20pm, moving among the ladies, students and male devotes as usual, collecting letters from some, today he collected letters from some overseas devotees, giving padanamaskar to some as we moves along to the stage. He went into the mandir, while all this movement takes place the Bhajan continuous. The moment swamy took his position at the stage three students approached him and showed to Swamy some papers or some projects, after talking to them a few minutes

Then all of a sudden could see swamy fingers moving in a circular motion, and pops up a golden chain where he garlanded one of the students, during the 1st attempt Swamy could not get the chain into the boys head and after some help from the seva dhal he then hooked the chain where all the devotes applauded for the creator who creates an item. This was the 1st time in my 3 visits that I witness the miracle. In the previous visits have seen Swamy materiliase vibuthi.

As the bhajans continues could see Swamy was enjoying the Bhajans, has he was moving his hands in blessing and at times putting talam. But when an oldies was sung ‘Govinda Hare’ was sung he was so deeply enjoying the song has he closed his eyes, was a bliss seeing Swamy in all this position during the Bhajans.

Then there was another surprise which I have not experienced in the previous 2 visits, the mother of the universe gives every one present in the hall prasad, Ladu. What more can we ask from this all merciful Lord.

At about 6.10pm arathi was taken and swamy proceeded into the waiting car only moments later he came out and proceeded into the mandir or the interview room and he spends some 10 minutes before coming out and getting into the car and signing off for the day. After this joined another queue to enter the mandir for a meditation session was there for 10minutes before going to the room at about 6.45pm.
Todays darshan has been great, it’s getting better in many ways a cleansing process for me to be showered by abundance of love by my beloved Swamy. This clearly shows the love Swamy has for his devotees; do we the devotees love him a fraction of what he loves us? This is a tought question to answer, we are all in the path to improve our self to reach the state Swamy is in, Swamy always calls us all Embodiments of Love.
Tat Twam Asi

Extract from Prashanthi Bulletin.

Tuesday,March17,2009 This evening, Bhagawan came for darshan at 5.30 pm while the bhajans were going on. When He came onstage, He called up some of the students who were holding letters, these were the students from the campus here who had secured ranks in the GATE (Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering) Exam including a few ranks in the top ten. He interacted with them and blessed them with group photographs, and gave a chain to one of them. It was 6.10 when Swami accepted Arati. He then moved to the interview room for ten minutes before interacting with some devotees on the verandah for a short while and then returning to His residence in the car.
Wednesday, 18th March (Morning)

This morning woke up at 4.30am, last night could not sleep well. At 5,15am left to Gayathri Temple to homage to Divine Ma. Then proceed to join the Nagarasankirtan, finished at about 6.20am and went into the Darshan Hall, took position sat on the front row. Left for breakfast at 7am and then return to the room for a drink and rest and also to take the clothes from the dhobi. Left for the Hall at 7.30am and joined the queue to go into the mandir for Bhajans. Swamy did not come for the morning darshan today. The Bhajans started at 9am and completed at 9.45am.

Together with Shanthi visited Chaitanya Jyothi(CJ), took a walk there. Along the way passed by the Puttarparthy Bus Station, Police Station, General Hospital, Vidyagiri Arch, Secondary School and the Prashanti University.

The exhibits at CJ was interesting, informative, it shows Swamy’s early life, the stories about the 9 Avathars, the world religion, the services rendered by the Central Trust. The architecture of the building was magnificent.

6th Darshan, Wednesday, 18th March (Evening)

Today again got the last queue number No. 4, it was no longer trills me what number I get, the most important thing in my mind right now is to get a good darshan, that’s what I have been getting all this while in this trip as such there is no complaints.

The Bhajans started at 5pm sharp, Swamy came out at about 5.10pm, passing through the normal route, he moved straight into the interview room and then into the mandir. He only appeared on the stage after about 20 minutes. After a few more songs he then moved again, this time he moved towards the ladies section and also to the girls students, they must be in ecstasy as the unexpected close proximity with Swamy. Swamy then moved agin to his position on the stage where he was there for few more songs. He then took arathi and gracefully exited from the Sai Kulwant Hall.

7th Darshan, Thursday, 19th March 2009 (Morning)

Woke up at 4am and left to Gayathri Temple at 5.30am to pay homage to Gayathri Ma, what we could say about this gracious mother. Since the 1st day when we found the existence of this temple, this temple was not built when I last visited Prashanti in 1996. The atmosphere at the temple is as serene as in the entire vicinity of the ashram. But the attraction to this temple is so great; the look of the divine mother so loves in nature. Just can’t help but fall in love with the sustainer of the three worlds. Prior to this have never been to any Gayathri temple as I believe there is no temple in Malaysia dedicated to Gayathri Ma.
Another beauty of all the temples within the ashram, there is no offerings of any kind, donation or archanai, just offering of prayers.

Gayatri Mantra

Om Bhur Bhuvah Svah
Tat Savitur Varenyam
Bhargo Devasya Dheemahi
Dhiyo Yo Nah Prachodayaat

Sai Gayatri Mantra

Om Sayeeshwaraya Vidmahe
Sathyadevaya Dheemahi
Thannah Sarvah Prachodayaat

Then left to join the nagarsankirtan, it’s always a nice feeling singing during the morning hours circling around Swamy’s residence. Then as usual went to pay homage to the Ganesha and then for the 1st time to Lord Muruga, this temple is also a new addition to the array of temples at the ashram.

Then entered Sai Kulwant Hall for darshan, at about 7am left for breakfast and then back to room to collect clothes from Dhobi and return to the hall at about 8am.
At about 8.58am the veda chanting started, this signals the coming of the Lord as all the devotes focus was at the entrance of Swamy’s residence. From the distance we all could see with all the splendour in the freshness of the morning sun, the crown Swamy was wearing was blue in colour, the aura, as he was wheeled among the devotes which was small in number but the excitement of getting a darshan is the same for a small kid or for a devote who has been there for years. This was evident among the primary school kid and also among the senior staff who have been getting darshan for years. The ladies at East Prashanti all gather at the 1st floor to have Swamy’s darshan right from their door steps, what a merit all these people would have done to be in the same place with the Lord of the Universe. Every moment with swamy is cherished like we have never met swamy before. Waiting with expectation, with love, with anxiety just for this Darshan, for me just to get to witness this form was more than I could ask for, as during this trip I wrote no letters or items were brought for his blessing, just a simple prayer to be at his lotus feet always. Swamy, will you grant me this wish?

As Swamy was wheeled past us, he looked at us, what a sight of assurance, from the Lord himself; he then blessed the vibuthi packet held by the devotee who held it. Once up the stage Swamy moved into the interview room and then to the mandir. Later he came up the stage and took arathi and left for his residence at about 9.35am. Even though the darshan was short and brief, but its still a darshan, to be in physical presence with the Lord it self is a great blessing. This also can be considered as a bonus darshan as Swamy nowadays seldom comes during the mornings.

Took a tour of Prashanthi to visit the following places Baba’s Birthplace now turned into Sivan Temple, leading to the temple was a row of houses where Swamy’s relative occupies them. At the entrance of the slip road there is a small temple ‘Grama Devatha’ the village guardian, deity. From outside saw the old Mandir. From there took an auto to the Super Specialty Hospital, the exterior and the interior of the Hospital was spell binding, the place was sparkling clean. Donated Blood, the liquid love for the 1st time at Prashanthi, 40th time in total the 1st being in 1989 in UH. To my surprise the nurse told me my blood pressure was high 140/90, but I didn’t feel giddy or headache. The Doctor said I could still donate. After blood donation was talking to a Seva Dhal from Chennai, she said the presence of Baba is always felt at the Blood Bank, when I asked her, as their duty calls they miss the Darshan. She also narrated the story of the Bihar balavikas who performed on Saturday, actually they with disappointment has left Prashanthi when Swamy said there will be no performance. But when they reached Darmavaram about 40 kilometers away they recived a call ttold them to come back has Swamy has consented for their performance to be staged. They all must be very elated with Swamy’s approval, it’s all part of his play or did he call them back to give us a special darshan on Sai Gayathri’s 10th Birthday, I believe this is so. Swamy being Premaswarupa he grants every little wish of his devotees.

We then move to Sai Geetha’s memorial and to Sai Gokulum where the milk supply for the ashram come from. Did some shopping at the shops at outside and went for lunch and rest at the room.

8th Darshan, Thursday, 19th March 2009 (Evening)

As I was getting to go for darsahn, in my mind was thinking today’s darshan could be last. Set at the queue for the token, and guess what, got number 4, the last number again. For me the number was not important, so swamy gave me the last number. In the hall sat at my usual place on row 3.

The Bhajans started at 5pm, Swamy has not appeared, the time now is 5.30pm still no sign of Swamy, every one in the hall seem anxious, some impatient waiting for the appearance of Swamy. But in actual we are all looking for the physical form, Swami’s presence is always there, we just need to call for his, this is the assurance given by Swamy himself. Being noticing for the past days there are about 6 to 7 pigeons parched on the beam of the roof are always patiently waiting for the arrival of the Lord of the Universe, even they are also yearning for the darshan. The pigeons can be seen flying all over the hall but they will not fly into the stage area where swamy sits during darshan. There was also a big honey bee hive at the entrance near to East Prashanthi maybe they are there also for the divine darshan. Have also seen once a squirrel was running around the darshan hall on top of the roof. This shows that not only we humans yearn for the Darshan but also those from the animal kingdom.

There was a new Bus by the Central Trust was parked at the entrance of Swamy’s residence to be blessed by Swamy. At about 5.35pm Swamy alighted from his residence and when straight to the Bus, a blessing ceremony was conducted by Swamy.

Swamy then moved into Sai Kulwant hall for darshan as usual moving among the ladies, student and the man and to the stage. He was enjoying the Bhajans, waving his hands, shaking his head, closing his eyes. Occasionally he wipes his mouth with the handkerchief, what a sight to see the small things Swamy was doing. Also he was trying to put back a strain of hair which was bothering his face. Also noticed the Krishna in him seems to joking with the students, it was evident when the sevadhal who was sitting next to him was smiling seeing Swamy.

The arathi was taken on Swamy at about 6.15pm which signals the end of the darshan and swamy exited the hall back to his residence. This was the question in my mind is this the last darshan of the Lord of the Kali Yuga during this trip. Hope not; hope to see Swamy for the farewell darshan tomorrow morning. Even though Swamy chooses not to come for Darshan tomorrow morning, Swamy I will not be very disappointed since Swamy has taken care both of us during our stay here and also all the way during our journey here. Like the mother takes care of her children, even the little things Swamy made sure they are all well taken care of to make our stay and trip here a pleasant one. THANK YOU SWAMY FOR YOUR GRACE AND LOVE

Friday, 20th March, 2009 (Morning)

This being the final day of our stay here in Prashanti, as we will depart today at 12pm. Shanthi left at 4am. At 5am there was a power black out at the room. Left for Sai Gayathri temple at 5.30am and then to Sai Kulwant Hall. Bhajans started at 9am and ended with arathi at 9.45pm. Swamy did not come for darshan this morning but his presence was vibrating throughout the hall. Went to mandir after the bhajans for final blessings for this trip. Swamy when will you call us again to this majestic place, the next trip we will be with the boys who equally excited to have your divine darshan.

Visited the Samadhi of Swamy’s Farther and mother and on the way back to the room Shanthi developed a cronic knee pain, she could hardly walk, she was in a terrible pain, guided her slowly to the room. Did the final packing of the belongings getting ready to depart to Banglore on transit to Tirichy. Mr Naidu and his wife from Sg Petani were to join us on the way back. Mr Noor Khan our taxi driver was there to fetch us, we departed bringing along our beautifull memories as we depart the gates of Prashanti at 12.30pm. Thank You again Swamy for being such a perfect host.


Arrived at Banglore at about 4pm left Mr Naidu and wife at their hotel, bought some pain killers for hanthi and proceeded to Commercial Street for some shopping. The place as usual was crowded, Shanthi bought 2 Punjabi Suit and the time was about 6.30pm and we left straight to the Railway Station at the time the traffic was heavy. Reached the station at about 7pm, proceed straight to platform 6, where we were to board the train. It was a struggle to carry 4 bags with the potters following right behind, Shanthi could hardly walk.

The train arrived at the platform on time 7.25pm, then it was a struggle to locate the exact coach we should board, the people there including the railway officals were not of help. At last located our name on the coach just in time before the train departed. Carried all the bags on the train while Shanthi stoot guard at the platform. Thank You Swamy for still being with us, giving me the strength and the patients. Bought dinner in the train and at about 9pm went to the upper berth for sleep since Shanthi wanted to stretch her legs. Woke up at about 3.30am and was looking out for the station we were suppose to disembark. In the Indian Railways there are no announcements on the next station. But the passengers are all seasoned travelers, they know when to disembark, but for us we have to ask around and look at the station sign. The train reached Tirichy at about 4.15am.


Again got to carry the heavy luggage out of the station, thank god there is no stairs to climb like in Banglore. There was no sign of the taxi driver at sight. After few minutes when wanted to make a call to the taxi driver saw another man who was holding my name, when approached him he said he has replaced Sivakumar and will be driving us around took us to Hotel Chitra and then took a nap, woke up at about 8.30am and when for breakfast.

Our 1st destination was Jambukheswar temple which is one of the 5 element temple, this temple were the Lingam will be in water. The structure of the temple was magnificent , being an ancient temple was a sight to behold has we reached the inner sanctum where we did archanai but could not see water in the lingam, when enquired with the temple official they said water will submerge the lingam after a few days of rain, this being a dry season there is no water. The water is from the ground underneath.

The 2nd temple we were to visit was Srirangam, Vishnu Temple, since the temple complex was so huge and Shanthi could not walk, I and the driver went to the main sanctum, there was already a long queue, the driver, Kesikan, went to the Temple guard and requested a special entrance, event the queue took about an hour, went in saw the gracious Vishnu in the sleeping position. In the inner sanctum the priest stopped me for donation so I could obtain extra darshan while placing cash on the tray. When I came out another priest cought hold of me for temple donation, then another priest this is what Swamy does not encourage in his Place. Obliged all of them since this was my 1st trip to the temple, then walked out without going to the other section of the temple. We cancelled the trip to the 3rd temple, Samayapuram, we went to an exhibition were costume jewelry was sold, and after about 30 minutes there went to collect the saree blouse and jeepas and for lunch. Sent Shanthi back at the Hotel at about 2.30pm and went out again to but CDs and Abdul Kalam books and also collect the jeepa, came back to the room at abot 4pm and took a nap. With this the trip has came to end as we told the taxi driver we want to rest the night and only to come to fetch us in the morning tomorrow to the airport.

When woke up at about 6pm and checked the phone received a SMS from Nalani, what a shocker it was, Chinna Mama, Dhrmarajasingam has passed away, could not believe I has he was fit and was always on the move. Called Nalani at about 7pm about 10pm in Malaysia, they were at the Hospital Mortuary waiting to collect the body, apparently he had an heart attack at home and passed on while on the way to hospital. They said the funeral will be held on Sunday at about 4pm, there is no way to make it by then since our flight will only land at 3.40pm. After dinner back to hotel and did the final packing and watch EPL before sleeping.

At 6.30am went for breakfast and waited for the taxi to pick us to the airport, he was there on time by 7am and we reached the airport by 7.30am. there was already a long queue waiting to be checked in. Saw a group from KP who we met during our journey India in the same flight back. The flight took off on time and landed at LCCT at about 3.40 and waited for the luggage, only boarded the Taxi at 5pm and reached home at 5.45pm, the boys also reached home that time. Since it was too late to go for the funeral unpacked the bags and left for Rantau at about 7.15pm and reached home at about 10.30pm after spending some time at Rantau.


The journey, the yathra to be with Bhagawan was taken after many years, 13 to be exact. So many years has passed there was no call to visit Prashanthi. Even when this trip was decided, was having financial shortfall didn’t know how am I going to finance the trip. Then there was bonus in December, Shanthi won 3rd prize in 4D, got RM 1K. This goes to show Swamy does help and get one to him anyhow. My last trip the ticket was paid for, Shanthi got the number in a dream. Then came the mental preparation on the trip, was not sure what to expect from Swamy, will he came out for darshan, will he be in Prashanthi, many doubts were there.

Since we believe no foot could touch Prashanthi with the CALL, I put aside the doubts and started believing that Swamy will be there to ensure we have great Drashan. From the time all planning was done, all internet booking for all sectors of the trip from KL to Tirichy – Banglore – Prashanthi all was taken care off some only weeks before depature, this goes to shows Swamy’s grace. The entire trip went smoothly without any hitches this is also Swamy’s grace. As the Saying goes, if take 1 step towards me I take 10 steps towards you, this is what Swami assures.

I believe this trip was the most fulfilling spiritually, during our 1st trip swamy showed his Love towards us all, he even asked us ‘From Where, How Many’ had many beautiful darshan, but the 1st darshan where he waited for us to step into Sai Ramesh Hall where he took arathi was the most defining moment for me, where I took a wow that as a Thanks giving, I will fast every Thursday after that, to mark that occasion since that day was also Thursday. During this trip I felt Swamy being so energetic his face so radiant, even though his classic smile and the movements of his hands were not to be seen frequently. This trip has got me to go inwards, do not be distracted during the pursuit in search of divinity, a one point focus is needed.

Also during this trip did not socliase much and did not make many trips out of Ashram thus could use all my time and energy to be with myself, trying to get in the energy of Swamy in me, charging of my batteries. The two places which kept me spellbound are the Sai Gayathri Temple and also the Mandir where bliss could be felt. I have never at such a feeling when I went to any temple before in my life as I felt at Sai Gayathri Temple, could feel the love of Swamy and the love of Gayathri Ma, the sustainer of the earth is the most gracefull form. When in the Mandir it’s like you have been transported into another world, spellbinding effect of the setting, the vibrations in it.

Thank You Swamy for this experience, you have given me, this shows your Love to all devotees are the same where everyone has an unique experience with the Lord of this Kali Yuga.